Cranio Sacral Theraphy For Babies, Children & Birth Trauma

Cranio Sacral Therapy’s most appreciated quality is its capacity to rapidly resolve problems in  babies such as Colic, Sucking Difficulties, Sleep Problems and Behavioural Issues, Constipation, Irritability and constant crying. Earache and especially congestion during teething are resolved so simply, using this technique thus avoiding the necessity of grommets being inserted into the ears which involves a full anaesthetic. As a result of contractions and passage through the pelvis and the birth canal, the soft bones of the head move during birth but do not always return to an optimal position and a variety of conditions occur which will respond easily to crainosacral treatment. Caesarean births and those involving forceps or suction are more likely to lead to symptoms that are not always obvious at first and do not develop until later on. All babies, including the problem-free births, benefit from a session, so too does the mother before and after the delivery.
It is advocated that children during their growing years receive a CRANIO SACRAL treatment every 3 months and adults need at least 2 visits a year. ESPECIALLY FOR ANY CHILD WHO HAS SUFFERED BIRTH TRAUMA, HEAD OR BACK INJURY.