Babies & Children of all ages

Tralee Alternative

Therapies can help if

your baby :ith:

*Is not sleeping or settled.

*Has colic and crying.

*Suffers from reflux.

*Suffers with shin rash, cradle cap.

*Grunts while sleeping.

*Is generally unhappy.

*Has trouble with teething.

*Is awaiting surgery or is post surgery.awaiting surgery or is post urgery.

*Or child is shy.

*Or child is afraid of the dark, clingy, bad tempered.

*Or child has evidence of hyperactivity.evidence of  hyperactivity.

*Or child has signs of autism. signs or diagnosis of Autism.

*Has  a reaction to vaccines.


Babies and children relax with Craino Sacral
All Babies & Children respond well and rapidly to alternative therapies. If your baby is not sleeping or settling for you, has colic and crying, suffers from reflux, shin rash, cradle cap, grunts while sleeping, is generally unhappy, has trouble teething, or maybe awaiting surgery our combination treatment of Homeopathy, CranioSacral & Reflexology can help. Some children are shy, afraid of the dark, clingy, bad tempered, hyperactive, are on the Autistic Spectrum or have had a reaction to vaccines. Why not try the alternative approach or combine regular medicine with alternative. 

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