Craino Sacral Treatment


Extremely subtle qualities of touch are used to assist the body (which is fully clothed) to correct itself. Patterns of tension, strain and physical resistance are encouraged to release the cranium. The nervous system and the spine can experience reduction in congestion with great ease in back pain and neck pain. Migraine, T.M.J., Digestive Disorders and Eliminative Problems can all be assisted in their healing processes. The craino sacral therapists are trained to use their hands as extremely perceptive listeners, using a gentle non-invasive manipulation technique with less than 5 grams of pressure (equivalent to the weight of a small coin). Examination is done by testing for movement. The therapist listens to the body’s intrinsic movement patterns such as rhythms, pulsations and patterns of congestion and resistance. It is felt as a tide-like rhythm which arises, quite literally, at the core of the body, in the brain, the spinal cord and in the fluids which bathe them throughout the body. This motion can yield a wealth of information to the experienced therapist. The client may feel deep relaxation and become aware of alterations in fluid pressures, tissue release, heat, tingling and energy releases and lightness. It is recommended that the client drink 2/3 glasses of water after the treatment to help flush out any toxins released. Cranio Sacral can relieve Back Pain, Neck Pain, Whiplash, Frozen Shoulder, TMJ, Migraine, Sleeplessness, Asthma and Respiratory problems as well Circulation, Digestive Problems, Birth Trauma, Colic and Constipation.