Psychic Laser Therapy and Akashic Records

This is an advanced for of Healing, it helps clear blockages and imprints in your in the energy field on a multitude of levels, When the auric fields there are may interwoven energies that  contain past life experiences, belief systems, entities & memories, some of these are interfering with our present day life in an unhealthy way. To progress in a spiritual manner we need to clear away some of the these.  

This therapy is geared at clearing, removing, and repairing memory imprints, past lives, distorted, missing chakras, entities, alien implants, tears, rips in the energetic structures surrounding the body, karmic issues and traumas which create blocks and limitations of your life force energy .

After having these clearings and repairing completed you will be aware of a lightness, a lifting and freeing of the inhibiting interferences. This will allow you to move into a higher frequency, speeding up positive changes in your life and create a rapid rate of manifestations.

As we are individuals we will all experience different results,

A sense of clean, lightness and relaxation,

Increase of mental clarity and function.

Relief of suppressed emotions, and physical issues.

Recover the ability to make decisions and make life changes.

Increase physical and emotional wellness.

Greater awareness, compassion and sensitivity.

Increase personal power, balance and alignment of our body.

Realign, replacement of the chakras, result in a sense of peace.

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