Reflexology for Children

What is Reflexlogy?



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Reflexlogy for Children


The Hands are like the feet, they too have all the reflex points and Hand Reflexology is as relaxing and beneficial as foot

* Reflexology is an extremely effective therapy in cases of stress, tension and tiredness.

* It can also be used as a preventative measure against ill health. *Because of its gentleness it is safe to use on Babies & the Elderly.

* Excellent for Asthma,

* Anxiety, Stress & overwhelm

* Eye problems,

* Earache,

* Blood Pressure control,

* Pregnancy, Morning sickness, Infertility, PMT, Menopause.

* Constipation,

* Migraine & regular headaches

* Sinusitis,

*  Teething issues with Babies.

* Used a lot in Cancer care.

* Infertility,

* Mid and later trimester in Pregnancy.




Reflexology for Children

It is an excellent form of prevention starting with young babies. It is a safe method and effective mode of prevention while at the same time allowing time to connect with your young baby. It helps with development. These babies seem happier, more content, recover faster from any upsets or illness, do well in school. Babies born to mothers who had reflexology during pregnancy report back that the babies are lovely content babies and thriving.

It also works excellently for both the physical ailments and psychological traumas of growing up such as injury to limbs, acute and chronic conditions, the stress of being a child in these times.

Benefits of Reflexology for Children

Hyperactive children become calm. They will lie down for the treatments and enjoy it demand for it to last longer if anything. Parents find it a good way to calm children before bedtime.

Autistic children respond positively to having their feet massaged even though they may not be willing to be hugged, or other forms of contact are not acceptable for these children. Reflexology (either hand or foot) is acceptable with most Autistic children.

Conditions subside and even disappear,

Children who have been told they will need tonsillectomy in the near future have still got their tonsil in situ 20 years later. Other conditions such as glue ear and the need for grommets this surgery is not necessary after a few session of reflexology.

Children with Asthma have had their doctors reduce the use of their medication as a result of the improvement in their chests and in some cases no further need for medication is required.

Children who constantly got repeated chest infections every year or suffer from bad hay fever or allergies no longer suffering after having a course of reflexology ( a course consists usually of 5/6 sessions)

Appendectomy has been suspend after a few reflexology sessions.  Resolving the tension and anxiety the child was suffering due to a situation in school, just to mention a few.

Other conditions treated in the children’s clinic at Tralee Alternative Therapies

Teething, Sleeping problems, Colic, behavioral problems, concentration, Tonsillitis, Earache, Allergies, Anxiety, Nightmares, Asthma, bed wetting, Constipation, Back and neck pain.