Training Courses


* Can be used in every situation.

* There are no contra-indications.

* It is used in early stages of cancer .

* Helps with shock, fear and anxiety.

* Helps side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

.* Works on broken limbs when in plaster.

* Helps break fever.

* Increases rapid recovery from surgery.

* Addictions.

* Migraines.

* Earache. * Babies with colic and sleep issues.

* Cramps, PMT and infertility.

* Anxiety and phobias.

* Sprains and strains.

* Behavioural problems etc.


Reiki is very easy to learn. You do not need a medical background, which is often essential for other forms of Complementary Therapies. It is an astonishingly effective healing practice that can have lifelong benefits in helping both yourself and others.


You become attuned to Reiki with a series of attunements where you are taught simple hand positions, which enable you to give yourself treatments. At this stage in Reiki, one experiences a great sense of peace and a huge personal growth, a freedom about oneself, a confidence with oneself. One notices that life starts to change around them and becomes easier. Great joy is experienced and a sense of gratitude enters your life for all living things.


At this stage you are introduced to 3 Reiki symbols, which further enhance your Reiki and you learn a wonderful method of sending distance healing to people and situations worldwide. The symbols further develop your awareness and your knowledge of Reiki. Reading more information on Reiki is encouraged at this level. A list of books and websites are made available. An even deeper sense of contentment is experienced by all students. Life flows in the direction that it is truly meant to go, with so little hassle and so much more freedom.


This is the practitioner level. You experience a higher intensity of energy and you go through a huge personal and spiritual growth. Reiki at this level helps you to experience who you are and gives you the tools to continue this process. You revise all the symbols from Level 11 and learn a new symbol. You are taught self-attunement, how to set up a business, insurance is discussed, basic first aid and an introduction to other useful therapies. You are required to write two papers before certification.



At this level you are trained in how to teach Reiki, how to do attunements, you receive the Master symbol, you are observed while teaching Level 1 and Level 11 on your own,while prior to this you sit in and assist on classes for a year on all levels. You will develop your spiritual side to a much deeper level and your knowledge of Reiki is increased.  You are introduced to techniques to help others on their journey. You will truly know yourself at the deepest level by doing daily meditations. You are required to read the books on the book list for Master level , listen to the tapes and write a paper.