Reiki Treatment



Training Courses


* Can be used in every situation.

* There are no contra-indications.

* It is used in early stages of Cancer .

* Helps with shock, fear, anxiety.

* Helps with the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

* Works on broken limbs when in plaster.

* Helps break fever.

* Increases rapid recovery from surgery.

* Addictions.

* Migraines.

* Earache.

* Babies, Colic, sleep issues.

* Cramps, PMT, Infertility.

* Anxiety, Phobias, Sprains, Strains, Behaviour Problems etc.

People with every known ailment or disease, from acute to chronic, can benefit from Reiki. Usually a person experiences four hands-on sessions, each lasting about one hour. The energy works on a vibrational level, raising the vibration of our being, so that denser energy forms of disease are unable to sustain themselves and they disintegrate and leave the body.

Reiki energy is a pure, unpolarised energy, which works on the mental, emotional and physical levels. Firstly relaxing and then effecting change where necessary.

The person remains fully clothed throughout the treatment, leaving relaxed and refreshed and often amazed after the experience. It is totally safe and the practitioner does not use his/her own energy during the treatment, in fact they feel energised following the session.