I qualified as a Registered Nurse in 1982 and went on to become a Registered Midwife in 1984. It was after this that my interest in Complementary Therapy was ignited. In Chiropody College, I read a book on reflexology and a week later met a student who was studying reflexology. I had a session with her and was completely fascinated by the concept that the feet were connected to all the other organs and systems in the body and that these organs could be stimulated by using a particular type of pressure massage. This fascination with the human body and, given the right circumstances, its ability to correct any form of imbalance, has remained with me, so twenty odd years later I am still researching and learning new techniques.
I spent four years with the Irish School of Homoeopathy before graduating from the first and only accredited school in Ireland at that time. I find that homoeopathy works really well with many of the other therapies I use.
I trained with The Upledger Institute and went on to study Paediatrics with the Karuna Institute. I find incorporating Homoeopathy with Craino Sacral therapy results in a much faster response especially with back problems, indigestion and colic in babies.
I get great pleasure in teaching Reiki, I started teaching Reiki in Dublin and Wicklow where I lived for ten years, and I have been teaching in Tralee since 1997. It is one of the greatest feelings when you see the peace, happiness and awareness it brings to people. When I first experienced Reiki as a student I felt compelled to go on to become a Reiki Master Teacher so that I could share this simple, yet beautiful and profound healing with the rest of the world, where a mother can put her hand on her crying child and soothe her pain in seconds.
I have to honestly say that all the therapies I have trained in have brought incredible change and awareness to me allowing me to be in the “right place” within myself for my clients. I regularly have treatments and continually update my working knowledge, which is a requirement in Complementary Therapies.
I have also completed training over the last twenty years in Kinesiology,which I mainly use for Allergy Testing and Bodytalk, so I can determine the treatment most suitable for my client at the time of their session. So every session is “tailor-made” for each client. I also trained in Nutrition, Indian Head Massage, Crystal therapy, Triangle Wisdom therapy, IET, Cutting the Ties, Dowsing, EFT and Choice Theory.
I am registered with The Irish Society of Homoeopaths, The National Register of Reflexologists Ireland, The Reiki Association, and The Irish Association for Craino Sacral Therapy.
Life Coaching has become a huge part of my practice. More and more people are becoming aware of the value of coaching as a tool for moving forward. Young people use it to make decisions around career choice, others use it for career change, or as a form of personal development and growth.
Nutrition is one of the core areas which is often overlooked by many people. We only perform as well as the fuel we take in. Many of us are tired, sluggish, have poor concentration and memory recall, all because of what we are eating.
In China people go to their doctor to be kept well! Regular visits for “balancing” help keep the body healthy and catch potential problems before they become real problems. An analogy of this is the regular servicing of a car. To keep cars running well, most people have them serviced regularly. Failing to service the car will eventually result in serious and possible life threatening failures for the driver (by brakes failing, worn tyres etc.). In the Western world, we accept the logic of car servicing without question. However, we only visit our doctors when our body starts to give trouble, instead of going for a regular service to keep us well. It is unfortunate that orthodox medical practitioners expect visits only from sick people. Now, with a holistic approach to health, one can have regular balancing sessions to help keep the body healthy and sickness free. Why then are we not availing of this golden opportunity? Is it because we do not know this? Or is it because we were trained from an early age that it is only when we are sick we need a fix?
I see more and more young people checking their diets, more young mothers learning massage or reflexology for their babies, using natural products, and people of all different ages and walks of life learning Reiki to help them change their lives. More and more people are writing self help books and the sales are increasing all the time. This to me is progress and I am so happy to see it. My sons, and many if not all of their friends, are much more conscious today of healthy living.The government are trying to promote it in the regulation of Alternative Therapies and in advertising campaigns.