* Balances the body’s energy field.

* It moves energy and unblocks energy in the body.

* Energy should be moving and flowing all the time. Bio energy gets energy moving quickly, very effectively, gently and powerfully.

*It is suitable for all ages and conditions.

* It can be used as a great tonic for the body once or twice a year.

Blocks may be created by stress, tension, a negative environment and negative experiences.

Initially 4 Bio-Energy treatments is the protocol and further follow-ups.

Your body is energy, your thoughts are energy and your emotions are energy. In Bio-energy, by using hand movements around the body, the blocks are released and energy can flow freely and naturally around the body, thus creating the ideal circumstances to allow the body to heal itself, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Hands are off the body while working on the outer energy field. Energy is a magnetic field. Bio energy can transform and move blocked energy quickly out of this magnetic energy field. When taken further out of the energy field, it is less likely to develop into disease, as we know it.

A session starts with an opening scan which will tells the therapist where the blocks are. This can be felt as heat or coolness. The blocked energy is then gathered and cleared out of the body and energy field. The energy field is then detoxified which allows the energy to increase and flow freely.

Bio energy works best when done in a series of four sessions, which can be either four consecutive days for a duration of 20 minutes with a follow up a month later, or weekly for four weeks for 45 minute sessions initially. In some cases further treatments may be required.