What is Reflexlogy?



Contra indications

Infertility/ Pregnancy Causes

Reflexlogy for Children


The Hands are like the feet, they too have all the reflex points and Hand Reflexology is as relaxing and beneficial as foot.

* Reflexology is an extremely effective therapy in cases of stress, tension and tiredness.

* It can also be used as a preventative measure against ill health.

*Because of its gentleness, it is safe to use on babies & the elderly.

* Excellent for Asthma.

* Anxiety, Stress & feeling overwhelmed.

* Eye problems.

* Earache.

* Blood Pressure control.

* Pregnancy, Morning Sickness, Infertility, PMT, Menopause.

* Constipation.

* Migraine & regular headaches.

* Sinusitis.

*  Teething issues with babies.

* Used a lot in Cancer care.

* Infertility.

* Mid and later trimester in Pregnancy.





Contra Indications

Undiagnosed Internal Bleeding.

Contagious Infectious Diseases.

Gangrenous Limbs.

Early trimester in pregnancy.


Cancer when in treatment.

Caution needs to be exercised when treating any of the above.