I studied this work with the well known Psychotherapist Phyllis Krystal, who until she died in 2016 at the ripe old age of 99 years, was travelling around the world sharing the method she developed of cutting the ties that bind. She has written many interesting books on this topic.

Various influences, early training and conditioning, along with inherent beliefs systems and behaviour patterns are combined and form obstructing layers resulting in relationships that are stunted, controlling and often very unhealthy. Cutting The Ties allows a mutual gift of freedom which enables you to express your own self, instead of being controlled by another.

We can cut the ties that bind us to anyone or anything that exerts authority and control over us. Detaching from such control also allows the removal of accumulated layers of conditioning which has obscured the real self. It frees the person to express themselves both internally and externally (the mind, personality and the ego).

This technique is suitable for individuals who are stuck in life, for people who need and want to grow and move on and for those who are aware they need to make changes and free themselves.


The session lasts an hour, a trained therapist will guide you through the procedure, where a period of two weeks preparation is required, during which time you repeat a particular technique. The whole process can take up to two weeks to complete, but in some cases the results can be seen within days.


Releases ties that limit you in your relationships.

Helps attain your life’s purpose.

Opens to abundance, prosperity and creativity.

Empowers you to experience relationships to their capacity.

Supports self healing, physically and emotionally.