Flower Essences

The history of Flower Essences can be traced back many thousands of years with many cultures using Flower Essences to treat emotional health and wellbeing. We are once again beginning to understand that emotional wellbeing is a major component of good health in the whole person. Flower essences are described as a vibrational therapy and are used all over the world to help manage the emotional demands of everyday life. Flower Essence can be used for the whole family, including animals. They can be taken individually or in combinations, usually take under the tongue 3 to 7 drops, depending on the Essence for 2 – 4 weeks and they can work in conjunction with other medications.

Bach flowers

Dr Edward Bach (1886-1936) discovered flower remedies because there weren’t any medicines to deal with such feelings as grief, fear, worry and irritation. His medical researches led him to the understanding that much of our ill health has its origin in our emotional and mental state rather than in the physical body. He discovered plants that bring hope to the desolate, strength to the exhausted and comfort to the distressed. There are 38 remedies covering every negative state of mind known to mankind, and in keeping with Dr. Bach’s wishes remain a complete entity. The remedies used are all prepared from flowers of wild plants, bushes and trees and none of them are harmful or habit forming and they are suitable for any age.

Rescue remedy is a combination of 5 remedies and is excellent for every emergency as it has a calming effect on trauma, shock or grief.

Mimulus is used to help with known fears as well as shyness.

Aspen is used for unknown fears.

Wild Oats helps determine one’s intended path in life and is great for Leaving  Certificare or college students.

Olive is goid  when you’re burnt out and drained of energy.

Australian Bush

Ian White is the founder of Australian Bush Flower Essences. He has been a pioneer in researching the rare remedial qualities of the Australian Bush. Apart from the fact that these flowers have the highest number of flowering plants, they are the oldest in the world. These are used as catalysts to unlock your full potential, resolve negative beliefs and bring harmony. They assist in clearing the block that stops an individual getting in touch with their true or Higher Self. Their give clarity to one’s own intuitive part, which knows one’s life purpose and strength and enthusiasm to follow and pursue one’s goals and dreams. The more you use the Bush Flowers the more you experience greater clarity and equality in your life.

Bailey flowers

These flowers are similar to the Bach flowers but are produced differently, thereby having a different effect. There are 95 single essences.

Illness can be attributed to lifestyle, attitude and the environment we live in. Our mental attitudes are the key factor which affects our health. Fear and tension can lock up muscles, distort the skeleton, depress the immune system, affecting all the endocrine secretions and therefore compromise our health. When we are relaxed we cope easily with stress. Our mind and body are not separate and the reactions of each depend on what is happening to the other.

These essences bring about much needed change in our lives; they are really associated with bringing us up to date rather than dwelling on the past difficulties. They help to move you forward on your true path. They are sometimes referred to as the “new generation of flower essences”. They bear no relation whatever to conventional allopathic medicine: their action is far wider. They are concerned with personal healing and growth at all the levels of body, mind and spirit.

Phytobiophysics Flower Formulas

These are a vibrational essence. They are made from the energy of thousands of plants and flowers from all over the world. Plant energy is captured and used to harmonise all spiritual, emotional and physical imbalance. When they are combined, they produce a resonating frequency of a very precise specification. These Flower Formulas have the effect of instantly regulating the energy, thus enabling the body to function harmoniously, therefore improving digestion, assimilation and emotional stability. The Formulas are first assimilated into the circulation system and then picked up by the meridians which connect with the nervous system. As toxic loads are eliminated, function is regulated, the structure is corrected and the emotions are regulated. They can work alone or alongside any of the other therapies.

Indigo Essence

Developed by an Irish Homoeopath. While working with children she developed these very beautiful and powerful essences made from Crystals back in 1998. They are different to the Flower Essences, but work on a lot of the same issues. She also had the children name the Essence by describing what they felt. The set of combinations for children range from “Champion” for when you are bothered by Bullies, “Sleep Easy” to help clear your head of worries before going to sleep, “Chill” for when you are boiling inside, “No fear” for when you are feeling wobbly inside, “Settle” for when you feel shaky and rattled inside, “Plurk” for when you are bored or snowed over with homework, “Confidence” for those lacking in it.

There are single essence and combinations essences. The New Energy series are to help us let go of our baggage of lifetimes and the Crystal Series are to help us create our heaven on earth.