Reflexology and Infertility/Pregnancy Causes

What is Reflexlogy?



Contra indications

Infertility/ Pregnancy Causes

Reflexlogy for Children


The hands are like the feet, they too have all the reflex points and Hand Reflexology is as relaxing and beneficial as Foot  Reflexology.

* Reflexology is an extremely effective therapy in cases of stress, tension and tiredness.

* It can also be used as a preventative measure against ill health.

*Because of its gentleness, it is safe to use on Babies & the Elderly.

* Excellent for Asthma.

* Anxiety, Stress & overwhelm.

* Eye problems.

* Earache.

* Blood Pressure control.

* Pregnancy, Morning sickness, Infertility, PMT, Menopause.

* Constipation.

* Migraine & regular headaches.

* Sinusitis.

*  Teething issues with babies.

* Used a lot in cancer care.

* Infertility.

* Mid and later trimester in pregnancy.




Reflexology and Infertility/



Infertility and assisted deliveries have increased in recent years. The reason being that women are older trying to conceive an also there is an increased intake of alcohol both in females and males. Added to that is change in diet: more processed food and vital minerals are missing in our diet. And finally workload and the stressful pace of life today is a factor.

Common causes in men


Last but not leas,t it would be unfair not to mention another cause of the reduction in sperm. It is thought to be the after effects of the introduction of the pill in the sixties, which is still very much in use today and is now in the food chain.

The use of D.E.S, an oestrogen hormone, used in the sixties to prevent miscarriage has since been shown to cause reproductive tract problems for offspring.

Common causes in women

Failure to ovulate.

Inability to form eggs.


Pelvic inflammatory Disease.

Hostile Cervical Mucus.

Fibroidous growths in the uterus.

Infertility problems can be split 40% between men and women. The other 20% is unknown. Of course, one must always keep the emotional factor in the forefront when looking at infertility.

To conceive


To conceive a baby the man must be healthy.

The male needs motile sperm in large quantities.

The female needs the right pH in the cervical mucus.

Healthy eggs.

Fallopian tubes free of blockages.

Proper secretion of hormones.

Hospitable uterus.

Reflexology has been known for years to be of immense benefit to couples trying to conceive. Gynaecologists are now suggesting it before fertility drugs and some in conjunction with fertility treatment. During a treatment the energy pathways are assessed for blockage or other disturbances. This is detected by the presence of crystals deposits which are believed to be calcium deposits that have settled beneath the skin surface at the nerve endings, of which there are approximately 7000. These are then broken down by the Reflexologist and removed by the circulatory system in the body.

Session involves


Paying particular attention to the following as well as treating the whole body:

The Pituitary gland is the master endocrine gland in the body regulating hormonal changes and this is given particular attention.

Hypothalamus: this is responsible for regulating the pituitary hormone production.

Solar Plexus for relieving stress in the body.

The Thyroid gland can impact fertility if it is under or over active.

Reproductive Organs.

No more than 6 – 10 sessions are usually required. Of course, diet and life style need to be addressed also.


Benefits during Pregnancy


Relaxes the mother and baby, creates time for self.

Morning sickness greatly relieved.

Helps maintain a fractured symphysis pubis in place during pregnancy.

Delivery is more than often complication-free, with no need for assistance.

The baby is usually content and happy.