“My baby kept waking at night and rubbing and pulling at the side of her head. We got her allergy tested in Tralee Alternative Therapies. It was very non invasive. She had a wheat intolerance. Jean talked us through our diet options and we never looked back. Mary is sleeping and looks so much better now. She has a glow. Thank you Jean.”


Wheat intolerance.

“I have been bringing my family to Tralee Alternative Therapies for over 15 years, ever since my eldest boy was born.  It is an essential resource for my family’s health. It has provided me with a wonderful source of managing and maintaining health and well being for all of us.  As a result, my children almost never have to go to the doctor and use a variety of natural remedies to manage colds, sleep problems, ear aches, eczema, rhinitis, allergies, bumps and bruises.  It also provides a safe and effective environment to help with emotional difficulties, which can naturally arise for children as they go through different transitions in life.  It has helped me to be a more intuitive mother and to help manage a calm and balanced way of life.”


Treating the whole family from birth

“A friend recommended Jean to me to help me relax and de-stress. I was under pressure at work and about to get married and  I needed a helping hand. Jean was amazing. I choose Cranio Sacral Therapy. It was and still is my favourite treatment.  It is extremely relaxing. My whole body relaxed for the first time in years, my mind was quiet. Jean is an amazing therapist. She is professional, caring, knowledgeable and very experienced. I had a few sessions and felt like a new person. I had renewed energy also.”


Relax & De Stress

“Slipped down the stairs in my socks and hurt my tail bone on a step. Developed shooting pain down one leg and I was advised that it was from the sciatic nerve.

My mother made an appointment with Jean and to my absolute amazement and delight the pain was gone after one session.

Very friendly and relaxed environment and no inflicted pain that can be experienced from physiotherapy.

Absolutely delighted with the result.”



“Each year, if not twice a year, I suffer from sinusitis. I would be on antibiotics on each occasion,even loosing my voice .

In October 2000 I read an article in the paper that Reflexology was very good for the treatment of sinusitis so I made an appointment for the following day. Jean was the lady I had the appointment with. I was amazed what Jean could tell me from my feet. I never suffered from sinus infections after the treatments I received that time. I was never again on an antibiotic for my sinuses and if i do feel my sinus acting up I have a session with Jean. Reflexology is a lovely and relaxing treatment.”


Sinusitis / Reflexology is a firm favourite of mine

“I’ve known Jean for more than fifteen years. Over this time I’ve received quite a number of therapeutic treatments and remedies with amazing results, ranging from Cranio Sacral Therapy, Reflexology, Homeopathy to being trained as a Reiki practitioner. Jean is highly qualified in so many fields of holistic therapy. Her kind, gentle nature and wonderful healing hands seem to just melt one’s stress and pain away. I would highly recommend Jean as a therapist in all the holistic treatments which she offers to her clients.”


Holistic Treatments / amazing results

“I had really bad abdominal pain, Jean Allergy tested me and I haven’t looked back since, no more pain or bloating. I now avoid wheat altogether. My daughter has been very sick latterly we took her everywhere to the local Dr. to Accident & Emergency and in front of us she was getting sicker. Finally I took her to Tralee Alternative Therapies as I had got on so well myself. Meanwhile I had taken her off wheat but was of no benefit. Jean tested her, she said she was sensitive to potatoes and fruits, advised a her to take a probiotic as she felt the antibiotics had now robbed her of her own friendly bacteria. Within days we saw a huge change, the colour came back into her cheeks, tenderness in her side but no pain. Because she had become so low from the previous wrong diagnosis, we did a course of four sessions of Bio Energy. Our girl is back and looks great with loads of energy and completely free of any pain or discomfort.”


Allergy Testing

“My child had colic and reflux. Jean  focused on the baby formula. She assessed him to see which formula was most suitable for him. When that formula was introduced, there was no problem from that moment on. Jean began running a course on using homeopathy remedies for kids. I attended this course and to this day I use these remedies on both of my children. Jean was so helpful she said that I could contact her if ever I was unsure on which remedy to use. “

S. Stack

Homeopathy course

“Jean has a talent for getting to the root of the issue. Through my pregnancy and since baby arrived – nursing, teething, inoculations,etc. I felt reassured to have the alternative holistic and effective solutions that Jean gives.”




“I first attended Jean a number of years ago following a recommendation from a mutual friend. Since then, I have found her variety of treatments extremely beneficial in supporting me in both my physical and emotional well being. I come away from each session with great clarity of mind. My children and husband have also attended Jean, all with a positive outcome. I cannot  recommend Jean highly enough”.

N .

Emotional Wellness

“I have been a client of Jean’s for almost 20 years. For the past number of years I have lived abroad and during this time I have found my distant healing sessions with Jean an invaluable tool in managing my chronic health condition. Jean is a very dedicated therapist and has an exceptional ability at accurately tuning in to what is going on in my body. It means that no matter where I am I can feel at ease and I can always rely on her treatment and reap the benefits of her healing. I would highly recommend a distant healing session with Jean. You will be amazed at the result.”

Elaine in United Arab Emirates

Distant Healing / Chronic health condition

“After feeling depleted of energy for several months I was referred to Jean’s clinic by  a family member. I had four sessions of Bio Energy and have never looked  back. I am back training 5 days a week and feeling great.


Bio Energy /energy depleted

“Two years ago my body began falling apart I was exhausted  and in pain and never felt like I had enough energy, I  was going to Doctors and getting no answers. I then tried Bio Energy with Jean, at first I was a bit unsure of it, but with each session of Bio my body improved immensely, I was amazed with how fast my symptoms disappeared, it CHANGED MY LIFE . I was brought back to full health and pain free with loads of energy again. I am grateful and Blessed to have found Jean and done Bio Energy. Thank you.”


Bio Energy / Exhausted and in pain

“Had suffered Migraine before and then they were back really bad,. Was told about Jean @ Tralee Alternative Therapies. She did an allergy test to find I was sensitive to mature chedder cheese. I stopped eating the mature but still eat all other cheese types. No Migraine for past 4 years. Thank you so much. I would never have figured it out myself, as I had tried cutting out so many things.”


We took our baby to Tralee Alternative Therapies we were told our baby was lactose Intolerant. We changed the baby formula and now our baby sleeps all night and no more colic.

Patrica & Emily

Baby Emily Colic and not sleeping

“Had the test and was told to bring in any products I was using, It ended up that some of my brands of products didn’t suit me. No more red patches. Thank you as I was so conscious of them on my face.”


Red rash on face and body

A session with Jean sets-up my over all well-being, both mentally and physically.  Initially I was sceptical, but now have an established schedule for “my maintenance” sessions. I carry Jean’s business cards along with my own – and have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone.


A session with Jean sets-up my over all well-being, both mentally and physically.

“My back plays up now and again and when it does I go to Jean and she sorts me out through energy work. She knows exactly what to do. I also find it good for sleep and digestion. I would highly recommend Jean as she is an amazing therapist and someone I trust.  She has been my life saver on a few occasions.”


Back Pain

“Working as a Professional Counsellor, it is a priority to walk the talk and model wellness.  Wellness is key for me to provide the utmost professional support to every single person on his/her therapeutic journey. Having visits to Tralee Alternative Therapies helps me in achieving maximum self-care.  On my first visit I found Jean very welcoming, approachable and understanding.  I felt immediately at ease.  I was very intrigued with the different body therapies as  I am a firm believer in the theory “our bodies talks to us”.

I am very impressed with Jean’s in-depth knowledge, insight and skills in working with the human body.  I find the treatments to be very refreshing, as I gain a renewed sense of vitality, increased self awareness and self empowerment! Jean’s gentle healing approach & techniques are paramount for me in preventing burn-out and maintaining my well-being!

I am a regular visitor at Tralee Alternative Therapies for my Personal “NCT’s”.”



NCT for preventing burnout in professionals

“I  have a little boy that had very bad reflux and colic. She first did cranio sacral on him which I found really relived his colic. Jean was so helpful in showing me new techniques for winding. She was very supportive, as she knew I was extremely tired and stressed. She also treated him with some homeopathy remedies. These also had a major improvement on him. I can say she helped with the treatment of colic and reflux on my little boy. Would go back to Jean again with any health issues that my family and I may have.”


Reflux & Colic

“I took both my babies to Jean as newborns for Cranio Sacral therapy which puts  the baby’s alignment back in place after labour. With Jean’s knowledge and experience as a nurse and midwife, she is well worth a visit, as all new born would benefit from a treatment after the labour process, it is a very gentle procedure.”


Cranio Sacral for newborn