Reiki is very easy to learn. You do not need a medical background, which is often essential for other forms of Complementary Therapies. It is an astonishingly effective healing practice that can have lifelong benefits in helping both yourself and others.



One experiences a great sense of peace and a huge personal growth, a freedom about oneself, a confidence with oneself. One notices that life starts to change around them and becomes easier. Great  joy is experienced and a sense of gratitude enters your life for all living things.

Workshop layout: 

 Reiki what is it?

How does the Reiki Energy work?

The history of Reiki.

How can Reiki help me?

Who or what can benefit from Reiki?

Reiki 1 Attunements.

Using and working with Reiki (practical).

How to give yourself a Reiki treatment.

The 7 Chakras  and how they work.

Vibrational bodies, what are they?

Aura Protection (White lighting).



At this stage you are introduced to 3 Reiki symbols which further enhance your Reiki and are a wonderful method of sending distance healing to people and situations worldwide. The symbols further develop your awareness and your knowledge of Reiki. Reading more information on Reiki is encouraged at this level. A list of books and websites are made available. An even deeper sense of contentment is experienced by all students. Life flows in the direction that it is truly meant to go with so little hassle and so much more freedom.

Workshop layout. 

Revision of all aspects of Level I course in detail.

The benefits of using Reiki symbols.

Create opportunities for students to share experiences since Reiki 1 course and also to share experiences during the Reiki 2 course.

Reiki 2 Attunements.

Reiki 2 symbols and their uses.

Benefits of using Reiki symbols.

Teacher emphasizes the importance of using Reiki self-healing every day.

What is a meridian?

Other pracical uses for Reiki energy are discussed.

How to increase the amount of energy your are able to transmit.

How and when to send Distant Healing.

Sending and receving Distant Healing.

Create an awareness of the integration of Reiki energy following the Reiki 2 course.

Using & working with Reiki (practical).

Reiki 2 Certificate and Master Lineage to be given to each student upon successful completion of Reiki 2 course.



Practitioner Level dates to be arranged

This is the practitioner level. You experience a higher intensity of energy and you go through a huge personal and spiritual growth. Reiki at this level helps you to experience who you are and gives you the tools to continue this process. You revise all the symbols from Level 11 and learn a new symbol. You are taught self-attunement, how to set up a business, insurance is discussed, basic first aid and an introduction to other useful therapies. You are required to write two papers before certification.

Workshop layout.

Deepening your understanding of Reiki.

Attunement to the Reiki Master Practitioner Symbol.

Learn Daily Self Attunement.

Reiki treatments using the Master Symbol.

Reiki room preparation and set up.

Basic First Aid.

How to set up a business?

Importance of insurance.



Takes up to a year to complete.

At this level you are trained in how to teach Reiki, how to do attunements, and you receive the Master symbol. You are observed while teaching Level 1 and Level 11 on your own, while prior to this you sit in and assist on classes for a year on all levels. You will develop your spiritual side to a much deeper level and your knowledge of Reiki is increased.  You are introduced to techniques to help others on their journey. You will truly know yourself at the deepest level by doing daily meditations. You are required to read the books on the book list for Master level, listen to the tapes and write a paper.


Introduction to Homeopathy for the Family


These classes are geared towards people who have an interest in alternative therapies or have experienced the wonders of Homeopathy, either themselves or through their families and just want a basic knowledge. An introduction to what is Homeopathy, how it works, and how to take the remedies are covered. A selection of commonly used remedies for everyday conditions and minor ailments are discussed in great detail. Handouts and booklets are available. Homekits will be supplied, if ordered, but not a requirement. The feedback from participants is that the workshop is interesting, enjoyable and very useful.

This workshop is run mornings 10am – 12.30 pm or evenings 7 pm – 9.30pm.


Introduction to Reflexology for Mothers and Babies


The mother is shown how to safely massage her baby. She is shown a series of strokes and techniques to use and suitable oils to relax her baby. The mother is given a map of the feet which has clearly marked on it, the areas of the feet that represent specific areas in the body. She will be made aware of particular behaviours that will tell her when the baby is suffering from earache for example: the baby will wake up crying every hour on the hour during the night or during the day. This is the tell-tale sign that fluid is building up in the infant’s ear, relieved by being lifted up and aggravated by lying down. A particular area known to be the ear area  on the foot will appear red. This area when massaged will give huge relief to the crying infant and usually resolves the problem.

The mother is shown how, when and where to massage for specific problems during development and techniques for emergencies. Many more useful tips and home cures are discussed. This workshop is usually run over a morning in the clinic at Tralee Alternative Therapies or in some cases in the mother and toddler group center.

Workshops on request, Morning Class 10am – 12.30pm




This workshop is available in a group session or on a one-to-one.

We can cut the ties that bind us to anyone or anything that exerts authority and control over us. Detaching from such control also allows the removal of accumulated layers of conditioning, which has obscured the real self. It frees the person to express oneself both internally and externally (the mind, personality and the ego).

This technique is suitable for individuals who are stuck in life. For people who need and want to grow and move on in peace without conflict. For those who are aware they need to make changes and free themselves. For those who are ready to let go of the past and its control over them.



Discover the hidden secrets of the crystals and gem stones.

Learn how to use crystals for your benefit.

Transform your home.

Clear your own energy field.

Learn how to programme your crystals.

Learn how to take care of your crystals.


Presented By

Jean Clancy, a trained nurse, midwife, complementary practitioner in many fields, life coach and stress consultant.

Venue: Tralee Alternative Therapies,Tralee.